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His Rosey Girl, His Treasure
46 Chapters
Author :Quan Tang Jia Bing
Translator : TapRead
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[Daddy's Gentle x Stubborn Little Rose] Shen Fu grew up like a rose, pampered in a greenhouse, with thousands of favorites. But roses, too, got what they couldn't get, such as the her childhood sweetheart's little uncle. Under the pretense of a marriage contract with the He family, she freely entered and exited the He family, pestered the little uncle, and was convinced by his gentleness. However, Shen Fu, who was arrogant and disregarded the gaze of others, could only secretly crush on him, and did not dare to declare it, she waited for herself to grow up to be worthy of him. On her eighteenth birthday, Shen Fu confessed her love for He Jingzhou. The little girl was drunk, flushed, and held him down against the wall, ""Little Uncle! I like you."" He Jingzhou, who heard the confession, lost his reaction power and could only remain passive and let her play. Shen Fu stood on her tiptoes and forcefully kissed He Jingzhou, prying open his mouth in a youthful manner, their lips and teeth intertwined. He Jingzhou admitted that he had a moment to sink. Later, Shen Fu woke up, but there was no news of his little uncle. She went to ask He Zhixing, but he stammered and refused to say. Shen Fu then knew that she could no longer know the news of the little uncle. ------ Shen Fu and her parents had a car accident, her parents died, and she became a little mute. Reunited again, saw the woeful life of the little girl, He Jingzhou instantly angina, he did not know, she lived so hard. Just no matter how he approached, Shen Fu was very resistant. Until Shen Fu's senior confessed to her, He Jingzhou completely messed up his mind and took the little girl home. Staring at her with scarlet eyes, he lost control for the first time and begged humbly, ""Don't agree to him."" Shen Fu stubbornly twisted her head, but He Jingzhou forcibly kissed her. ------ Restrained love, sprouting and growing in the night. [Setting fictional, no character archetypes and realistic backgrounds, with private exaggerations]

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