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Attention: Please read carefully all the terms and conditions under this Author Agreement,especially the words and terms in bold. If you have any question, please refer to the Q&A page or contact our customer service staff directly.

Welcome to use our TapRead author center services here!

TapRead ( hereinafter also referred to as ‘this Web’) is one of the online literature platforms operated by Zongheng Culture Inc. ( hereinafter referred to as Zongheng ). This ‘Author Registration Agreement’( hereinafter also referred to as ‘this Agreement’) consists of the rules, terms and conditions you need to agree and follow when you use the services provided by Zongheng after your registration, and regulated by which you can upload, publish and update your literary works in this Web and meanwhile authorize Zongheng to disseminate and distribute them through its platforms, and provide services such as free and/or paid readings and downloads, etc. to its users.

When you are registering as an author of TapRead, please read the following terms carefully:

Article 1 Author Registration

1.Please read and fully understand any and all the contents of this Agreement and all the other rules announced by Zongheng ( including the announcements and rules issued by Zongheng in a single product or service ) before you register as an author of Zongheng, especially those terms which are or may be significant to your rights and interests, and those relevant terms which have or may have exemption or limitation of liability of Zongheng.

2.Please strictly follow the rules and procedures announced and prompted by this Web to register as an author. After registering as the author of this Web, you are obliged to keep your author's account and password properly and take legal responsibility for all the activities and acts of your account. If it is your own reasons ( including but not limited to the transfer of accounts, sharing with others, your own leakage, etc. ) or your computer infected with virus or Trojan horse, that results in account password leakage, loss or other losses, the consequences should be your own responsibility, and this Web takes no legal liability.

3.Registering as an author of this Web means that you agree to authorize this Web and all the Zongheng’s websites and platforms ( including but not limited to the PC and mobile version of TapRead and other products ) to post, upload, download, typeset, publicize, display, disseminate, and translate your works, and this Web's partners to use your works within the authorized scope of this Web.

4.Author's pen name, personal introduction and other author information shall not contain any information that violate any national and local laws and regulations, social ethics and the terms of this Web,and shall not infringe the legitimate rights and interests of any third party, otherwise this Web has the right to cancel your author's account and all the posted works unconditionally at any time without any notification.

5.In order to utilize the platform resources effectively,if the author does not upload, post any works within 30 days after registration, or empty all chapters and works lasting up to 7 days, or declare to leave this Web, this Web has the right to cancel your author's account and all the posted works unconditionally at any time without any notification.

6.When you use the service system of this Web, you should follow the following terms:

( 1 )abide by relevant laws and regulations;

( 2 )no service of this Web should be used for any illegal purpose.

( 3 )no modification ( Including but not limited to the modification of any proprietary communication protocol used by website or software, and the modification or locking of documents in Dynamic Random Access Memory (RAM), etc. ), Reverse Engineering, Decompile, Disassemble, Copy, or Distribution should be made to this Web,including but not limited to the website and the software.

( 4 )Any actions that may affect or destroy the services of this Web are not allowed, including but not limited to actions that could damage, attack or overload the servers or other abnormal usages.

( 5 )Do not use this Web’s service system to act any behavior that may adversely affect the normal operation of the Internet or may interfere with other users’ normal use of this website service.

( 6 )Do not use this Web’s system to do anything that could go against Zongheng or its users.

( 7 )it is not allowed to use this Web’s service system to seek illegitimate interests or engage in any unfair competition.

( 8 )Do not produce, disseminate or use plug-in, packet, acceleration software and other kinds of cheating programs, or organize, abet others to use such software programs, or sell such software programs for the economic interests of individuals or organizations;

( 9 )Do not use any intellectual property of Zongheng to create or provide the same or similar network services without the written permission of Zongheng.

( 10 )Do use specific communication channels provided by corresponding agencies when consult on the services, products and business of Zongheng and its cooperative business partners and shall not publish negative publicity on Zongheng and its related services in public.

7.Once any author commits one or more of the following acts, Zongheng has the right to cancel the author's account at any time, or to terminate all or part of the author’s services ( including but not limited to the closure of the author's account, the prohibition of account-related functions, the removal of the author’s works, etc. ), and assume no liability.

( 1 )there are one or more acts that violate paragraph 6 of this article.

( 2 )abusing the rights enjoyed.

( 3 )providing false registration information ( including but not limited to identity information and contact information ).

( 4 )according to its judgement, Zongheng decide that users’ account has abnormal login, use, and income, etc..

( 5 )use of this Web’s service through unfair competition;

( 6 )acts that are detrimental to the legitimate rights and interests of Zongheng’s owners, affiliated companies, partners, other authors and users;

( 7 )violation of relevant laws and regulations;

( 8 )violations of social customs and social ethics;

( 9 )other behaviors that violate the relevant regulations of Zongheng.

Article 2 Author’s Works

When uploading and posting works, you should abide by the following provisions:

1.Works are forbidden to contain the following contents:

( 1 )disseminating information about political incitement, terrorism, incitement of national antagonism, ethnic hatred and racial, religious and gender discrimination that endanger national security and national dignity;

( 2 )endangering national security, disclosing state secrets, subverting state power and undermining national unity;

( 3 )spreading rumors, disturbing social order and destroying social stability;

( 4 )disseminating obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder or abetting crime.

( 5 )insulting or slander others, infringing upon the legitimate rights and interests of others;

( 6 )infringement of the privacy, reputation and portrait of others, including but not limited to the dissemination of other people's privacy, malicious vilification of other people's portraits, etc.

( 7 )information about the abuse of marketing means for minors;

( 8 )other contents prohibited by laws and regulations.

If an author violates any of the above regulations, this Web has the right to cancel the author's account immediately and to remove any content posted under the author’s account unconditionally without notification.

2.Requirements regarding Content of Works:

( 1 )The content of the work shall be healthy, expressing youth connotation, showing the fashion style, and be quality and good taste oriented.

( 2 )The work shall be originally created and written by the undersigned author himself without reprinting, plagiarism, and the author is responsible for the consequences of his own article;

( 3 )Any author who registers and posts or uploads works on this Web shall observe and be willing to be constrained by the relevant published rules of this Web when applying for, operating and using within this Web.

Article 3 A Special Statement about Reprinting and Plagiarism.

1.This Web is an original works reading website, and you promise and guarantee that the works uploaded, posted are authored by yourself without any reprinting and plagiarism. Once finding that the works uploaded and published in this Web is reprinted from other people's works, this Web has the right to immediately cancel your account and remove any content you published. And you take the legal liability of your reprinting yourself.

2.Unless there are special provisions, the works of this Web cannot be reprinted without the consent of the author or this Web.

3.You must ensure that the works uploaded and published on this Web are original works of your own. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited (Plagiarism is, without the consent of the original author, the act of taking another's work as his own with or without changes.).As a network service provider, this Web does not have sufficient monitoring capacity for plagiarism, but once finding, this Web has the right to remove plagiarism works immediately.This Web is not liable for such acts of infringement committed by others on this Web. Any legal liability for such acts of infringement shall be borne by the plagiarist himself.

4.This Web, under the circumstances of legal provisions or judicial department requirements, has the right to provide the author's network registration information without the author's consent. In such case, you should not claim any legal liability from this Web on the ground of disclosing your information.

5.If the works you’ve uploaded and posted on this Web are claimed and suspected of plagiarism and infringement, this Web will, as requested, take assistance measures including removal, warning, etc. with the third party providing all the following necessary information and materails:

( 1 )First, valid identity documents: the copyright owner's identity certificate including identity card, legal person license, business license, etc.;

( 2 )Secondly, the certificate of copyright ownership, including the relevant copyright registration certificate, the publication of books or journals, and the creative manuscripts, etc.;

( 3 )thirdly, the proof of infringement, including the content and location of the information accused of infringement.

This site will not resume the work unless you can provide proof to the contrary, and which you should acknowledge. If this causes a third party to claim tort liability to Zongheng, you are responsible for solving and assuming full responsibility, and you should ensure that this Web and Zongheng are free from any loss. If this causes Zongheng to suffer any loss, you suffer losses from fantasies, you should be liable for compensation.

6.Your uploading or posting work on this Web constitutes your consent to the corresponding measures of the preceding paragraph taken by Zongheng or TapRead. In addition to the obligations of taking assistance measures of the preceding paragraph, this Web does not take infringement, breach of contract or any other legal liability for the infringement disputes and removal of works, including but not limited to the liability for damages caused by the unestablished infringement allegations.

Article 4 Authorized Contents

1.You agree and confirm that, after you have registered as an author of this Web, you will authorize Zongheng a worldwide and transferable license of the rights of information network dissemination, digital reproduction, distribution, compilation and translation. Zongheng has the right of publishing, uploading, downloading, typesetting, promoting, displaying, disseminating and translating your Works through this Web and Zongheng subordinate website platforms, including but not limited to TapRead PC and mobile version, etc..

( 1 )authorized area: global scope;

( 2 )authorization nature: non-exclusive but sub-licensable and transferable license ;

( 3 )authorized language: unlimited, including Chinese, English and any other languages;

( 4 )authorized period: from the date of uploading to this Web until

2.You agree and confirm that, after you have registered as the author of this Web, if your uploaded and published works get subscriptions or rewards from users, the revenue from subscriptions and rewards based on the works you have upload and published will be settled according to this Web’s fee policy after deducting the channel costs and operating costs. The specific settlement rules can be found in the fee policy announced separately by this Web.

Article 5 Disclaimer

1.If any user of this Web reprint your works into this Web without your permission, you can contact us through Zongheng customer service to make a complain, and the customer service contact Email is This Web and Zongheng are not responsible for the user's reprinting behavior, but this Web promises to deal with the user's reprinting behavior promptly after verification and confirmation when receiving your complaints and relevant valid proof materials.

2.If someone maliciously pretends to be the author and uploads works to this Web, and the works which are not the original works owned by the author are accepted and collected by this Web, this Web does not take any responsibility, but this Web will deal with this kind of behavior promptly (including but not limited to the shelving of such work after verification and confirmation when receiving the real author’s complaints and relevant valid proof materials.

3.This Web does not guarantee the safety of the works the Web collected from our authors, and you shall be responsible to keep the original manuscript.

4.You shall be responsible for your own writing, expressions or works. Any works or content published or uploaded by the authors in this Web does not represent the opinion or stand of this Web.

5.You understand and agree: because of the particularity of network services, based on the overall operation of this Web or the relevant operational specifications, rules and so on, this Web has the right to change, suspend or terminate some or all of its services at any time without notification, and if this causes any loss to you, you agree to abandon investigating this Web and Zongheng’s relevant responsibilities.

6.You understand and agree: in order to provide you and other users with better services, this Web has the right to periodically or irregularly repair, maintain, and upgrade this platform or related equipment which provide this service, and such circumstances may cause the relevant services interrupted or suspended in a reasonable period of time. If this results in loss to you, you agree to give up the responsibility of investigating this Web and Zongheng.

7.You understand and agree: the service of this site is provided according to the status which the existing technology and conditions can achieve. This Web will do the utmost to ensure the consistency and security of the services, but we cannot guarantee that the services we provide are flawless, nor can we foresee and guard against legal, technical and other risks, including but not limited to force majeure, viruses, Trojans, hacker attacks, instability of systems, defects in third party services, government actions and other reasons that can cause service interruptions, data loss, and other losses and risks. Therefore, you agree: even if the service provided by this Web is flawed, but the above-mentioned flaws are inevitable because of the industry technical level at that time, it will not be regarded that this Web and Zongheng breach the contract, meanwhile, if this results in loss of data or information to you, you agree to give up the responsibility of investigating this Web and Zongheng.

8.Zongheng will adopt a commercially reasonable way to protect the safety of your personal data. Zongheng will use commonly available security techniques and procedures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. Zongheng will not take responsible for the loss of your account or the disclosure of personal data if it is not for Zongheng’s mistakes. For more details, please refer to the privacy policy published by Zongheng.

Article 6 Others

1.Applicable Laws and Dispute Resolution

( 1 )This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Washington state and exclude any contrary legal principles. In addition, if any of the contents of this Agreement contravenes the foregoing laws, the provisions of the law shall prevail and the rest of this Agreement shall remain legally valid to the user.

( 2 )About all disputes related to this Agreement, you agree that the Washington State Federal Court shall be the Court of First Instance.

2.Other Provisions

( 1 )Various service rules, assistance terms, tips, etc. formulated and published on TapRead and other platforms by Zongheng are effective components of this Agreement and have the same legal effect as this Agreement .The provisions of this Agreement and the service rules published by Zongheng are likely to be changed at any time as business conditions change. You agree and confirm that the above changes shall take effect as soon as they are published and constitute an effective part of this Agreement. When amending this Agreement and the Service Rules, Zongheng will announce the fact that the amendments will be made on the relevant pages without giving individual notifications to the users. Please make regular queries. If you do not agree to this agreement or the relevant service rules, or any changes made by Zongheng, you can initiate to stop using or canceling Zongheng’s services. If you continue to use the services provided by Zongheng after the amendments to this Agreement or Service Rules, we will define that you agree with all updates to this Agreement or service rules made by Zongheng.Please read the relevant terms carefully when using the service of Zongheng.

( 2 )The remaining provisions of this Agreement shall be valid and binding on all the parties if any provisions with any reason become total or partial invalid or non-enforceable

( 3 )The title of this agreement is only for convenience, and without legal or contractual effect.

( 4 )Within the scope permitted by law, Zongheng has the ultimate power of interpretation of the above provisions.