Vision Contest - FAQs
FAQsTapRead's 2020 Visions Contest

Most of our current novels are translated from our Chinese authors. We’re looking for English authors interested in getting a regular salary for ongoing projects, with bonuses for successful novels.

What are we looking for?

Engaging stories that have long-term potential:
TapRead is built around long stories, so we suggest two types of projects.
First are stories built more like a TV show. Rather than being one arc like a traditional novel, a story that follows a larger cast and has many smaller, exciting arcs.
Second is to have one ‘story’ that functions more like a series of novels in the style of most popular mystery novels. These novels focus less on a protagonist (though it still needs a unique and interesting lead) on more on a series of adventures, mysteries, or conflicts.
No matter what, we want stories that are high energy and grab the reader with every chapter, whether that be a battle to the death, or juicy high school drama.

Diverse protagonists:
We have readers across the world, especially America and east and south Asia, and we want our stories to reflect that. We also welcome submissions that feature LGBTQ themes.
We ask writers to be mindful of our global audience and be able to handle issues such as race, religion, and sexuality with empathy and respect.

Romance, fantasy, and action:
Our stories are meant to give readers a boost of excitement on long days, so we tend to prefer genres that feed that hunger, but that doesn’t mean we won’t look at anything else. We’re excited about the potential of mystery, horror, and anything else you bring to the table.

What are the requirements for entry?

- A TapRead link to a novel segment of at least 5,000 words.
- Willingness to work with editors to keep the story engaging and welcoming.
- Content that adheres to our terms of service.

Can I post novels to TapRead without entering the contest or getting a contract?

Yes! Anyone can post their novel to TapRead, so long as it meets our terms of service.

My novel is already posted online. Can I still enter ?

We welcome cross-posted stories as long as you are the rightful owner of all work. You will not be asked to remove any postings to participate in this contest.
However, if we offer a contract to become a paid author, at that point we will require the story to be posted exclusively on our site.

Can I enter fanfiction ?

While we welcome fanfiction on TapRead , we can’t offer money for somebody else’s intellectual property.
If most of your work is in fanfiction, consider sending us that as a sample of your work, along with a query detailing an original project.

What type of work is allowed ?

Any original work that fits our terms of service is allowed!
We do ask that any authors who want to submit something on the smutty side be over 18.

How much will I make if offered a contract ?

We are a serious company with many paid authors in China, and can promise we pay in more than exposure, but exact salary will be specific to every contract.
What we can promise is plenty of time to look over the contract. Entering this contest is not binding, and we would never force a writer to work for payment they felt was unfair.

May I submit more than one entry to the contest?

Yes, you can, as long as you are the original author of each work submitted.

May I submit pieces to the contest if they are already published on the TapRead website?

Yes, you can. You only need to add the tag "2020 Visions" to each piece you submit to mark it as a contest entry.

* The final explanation rights only belong to Tapread.